Tips for your hike

Prepare your hike, schedules, main points of passage, difficulty.

If you use public transport. allow a margin for the return schedule.

Book your place in the Mountain refuge if you intend to spend the night there.

With children aged 12 and under, add 50% of the time to the basic schedule. On the way up, the children walk in front of you and follow you downhill, always having an eye on it.

Beware of the weather, in the valley bottoms and above a certain altitude, the changes are sudden and storms very violent.

Tiredness can easily trip you, especially on the way back and downhill.

Calculating walking time is a hotly contested topic in hiking circles. Everyone has their own estimate according to their level.
We calculate the walking times according to the following rules:
– 15 minutes for 1 km flat / 100 meters of positive elevation / 200 meters of negative elevation.
For an uphill hike, 300 positive and 600 negative meters per hour.
The surface of the course influences the walking time. A wide, flat path and a rough uphill or downhill path do not walk at the same pace.