Corne and Brèche lakes / (VS)




Location: central Valais, on the left bank of the Rhone at the height of the village of Grône.
Description: very easy hike between the Puntafontana Nature reserve and the Sierre golf club
Total length: about 7 km
Walking time: about 2 hours
Positive and negative difference in altitude: 30 meters
National hiking map 1: 50’000: Montana 273 T
Best period: all year
Difficulty: T1


On the road to Chippis, 3 km after leaving the village of Bramois in the direction of Grône and 200 meters before the junction for the village of Pramagnon, there is an underground car park north of the road. The hiking begins from this place. Head to the Lac de la Corne (East) as you walk along its left bank. When you reach the end of the lake, head north to follow the Puntafuntanna route that runs along the canal towards the west. At the end of the straight line, you cross a bridge and walk along the golf course from the west and north to an asphalt road along the Rhone. Follow this road towards the East for about 150 meters and go down towards Lac de la Brèche as you walk along its right bank. At the end of the lake, follow the road towards HappyLand (East) along a canal. When you reach the gutted road of Happyland, follow a path that runs along this road for about 200 meters south and then a path that goes south through fruit plantations to the foot of the hill that you see in front of you. Once at its foot, head west through a paved road for 200 meters and then left (South) to reach a canal that you follow (west direction) to the junction that will bring you back to your point of departure.

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Practical information

The right bank of Lac de la Brèche is particularly suitable for organizing a picnic. During the summer it is also possible to swim there.