Tseuzier / Lac du Rawil

Location: Tseuzier in the town of Ayent on the right bank of the Rhône from Sion

Description: very easy hike. Ideal for accustoming young children to walk in the mountains. They can get used to the altitude, walk on paths that have all the characteristics of a mountain path with some passages over a slight void.

Total length: about 5 km

Walking time: 1 to 2 hours

Positive difference: approx. +/-135 meters

Altitude : 1800 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: 273 Montana

Best period: during the entire opening of the access road to the dam

Bridge length and height: 35 and 12 meters

Difficulty : T1


Start the walk on the left bank of the dam by crossing the wall of the dam and then following the path that runs along the dam. Arriving at the bottom of the dam, before descending, do not miss to discover the impressive mountain torrent which gushes out in the middle of the rock wall. Once you are at the foot of the dam, you have many places to organise a picnic or a barbecue. For the return, follow the “tour du lac” route which joins the footbridge and runs along the Bisse de Sion.

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Public transport timetable ( Sion – Anzère, barrage de Tseuzier / only in summer)