Location: Left bank of the Rhône, in the Upper Valais, on the Simplon road, above Gabi.
Description: Medium mountain trail but requiring essential equipment such as a first aid kit, means of communication and orientation: the change of scenery is total.
Elevation gain : 1623 m
Distance : 17.3 km
Total length: 39 km-effort
Altitude: between 2512 and 1240 m
National excursion map 1:25’000: Simplon 1309
Best period: July to September
Rating: XS


You can start from Gabi but I suggest you do it under the bridge at the Stitzjini point (2’648’951/1’114’230/1270 m). Descend in the direction of Gabi along the Laggina stream to the Gsteihuis bridge and take the steep paved path that leads without any difficulty to Furggu. This is a section of the Gondo-Marathon. From Furggu, reach the cross overlooking the pass to the west and look out for the high-voltage pylon in a south-westerly direction from this position. Follow this direction for 500 m and join the path marked white-red-white. This section is grazed and the path non-existent, trampled by cattle through rhododendrons and blueberry bushes. The narrow and steep path does not allow for a fast run : be careful at certain passages if the ground is wet. Continue safely below the Tschuggmatthorn and reach the alpine ruins along the path below the Guggilisgrat. Then join the Brichtola valley to point 2112 of the Galu ridge. Continue down to the small Alpa lake and head south at the first scree of the lava flow. Stay on your left as you climb up the scree, which allows you to see the path that has been somewhat erased. From point 2103, the path is once again passable and leads you to point 2295, the decision point for the continuation of the route and for the planned summit. For the Galihorn, follow a faint trail and for the Galgilicka, continue towards the pass at 2510 m. This is the solution I chosed, the fog of the day forbidding me any visibility.
The descent is made by the same path as the ascent to the Alpa lake. It then heads to Obre Staful at pt 1942 and then through the Pästuwald forest to the Laggina river in the valley floor. The return on a dirt road takes you following the yellow hiking signs back to your starting point.

Useful informations: altimeter required to validate your position on certain sections that do not exist.
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