Grand Paradis / Champéry (VS)




Location: on the left bank of the Rhône Val d’Illiez – Champéry

Description: not very easy hiking under the Dents du Midi

Total length: about 8 km

Walking time: 3 to 4 hours

Positive altitude difference: 600 meters

National hiking map1: 50’000: St Maurice 272

Best period: May to October

Difficulty: T2 +


When leaving the village of Champéry, head towards “Grands Paradis” (signposts). The route begins at the campsite Grand Paradis. Follow up the river “La Saufla” and follow the signs “Grand Paradis” to the bar of Bonavau. The return is made by the forest of Bonavau to your point of departure.

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Public Transport Timetable Departure Monthey Arrival Champéry, village

Practical information

Along the route there are many places that allow the organization of a picnic with a magnificent view of the Val d’Illiez and the Dents du Midi. There is a refreshment bar midway.