Location: Left bank of the Rhône above St Maurice in the Bas-Valais.

Description: Technically easy trail that allows you to gain height quickly compared to the plain. Pleasant and cool in summer.

Distance: 19 km

Difference in altitude: 1614 m

Total length: 41 km effort

Altitude: between 421 m and 1870 m

National excursion map 1:25’000: Val d’Illiez 1304

Best period: May to November

Grading: XS

Helpful hints: the first part of the route to the village of Mex is in a dense and steep forest, on a narrow path that can be dangerous if the ground is slippery. Be careful.


The start is from St Maurice station; this is convenient because parking spaces are scarce (2’566’335 / 1’118’300 / 421 m). Follow the quays in the direction of Martigny and follow the signs for the Saint-Amé clinic. From there, reach the hamlet of Cases at the foot of the cliff and take the path that crosses the Mauvoisin torrent in the direction of Praz-Mex. The old road quickly rises above the gravel pit and allows you to reach Plan Maillet by a T3 route which can be problematic in very wet conditions. Then join Mex by the road via Les Orgières, which allows you to run while gaining height slowly. As soon as you enter the village of Mex, follow Les Planeys at 1530 m. The rest of the way is along the road that overlooks the hamlet of Les Planeys and does not allow you to get lost. The summit of the Aiguille is a rare moment, just like the Cime de l’Est which overlooks the valley.

The return

The return journey takes the same route as the ascent to the Gros Plan at an altitude of around 1710m. Head north-west to the reservoir for the cattle and find the easy path down to the north face of the Aiguille. Reach the stables of Ceintaneire and cross the forest of the same name to the bridge over the Torrent du Draversey. The road then runs unhindered to the heights of Vérossaz. Then reach the road that leads to the church of Vérossaz and point 766 which clearly indicates Les Cases. The loop is done and the return to the station is simple.

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