Luan / Berneuse (VD)




Location: Luan above Yvorne and Corbeyrier

Description: difficult hike, typical of the Vaudois Alps (steep climbs and descents)

Total length: about 10 km

Walking time: about 5 hours

Elevation: +900 meters / -900 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: 272 St Maurice and 262 Rochers de Naye

Best period: Mai to October (depending on the snow cover)

Difficulty : T3 +


From Luan follow Lake Aï, tour d’Aï, Berneuse for a climb of about 900 meters. From Berneuse follow the col du Luissel. From this pass there are two routes to reach Solacyre. The first variant runs along the crête du Cherix (spectacular but requires a very secure foot!), The second variant runs along the Riondaz on the east side. From Solacyre, follow Prafandaz, Prafandaz pass and Luan to reach the starting point.

Practical information

This route can be done in both directions. It is not recommended to travel after heavy rains or in very humid weather. Some passages require a secure foot. For people who are very sensitive to vertigo, it is better to follow La Riondaz on the east side than to follow the crête du Cherix.

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Public transport timetable Departure Aigle Arrival Corbeyrier, café de Luan