Mont Pèlerin / (VD)




Location: Mont Pèlerin above Vevey, Chardonne

Description: easy hike, between deciduous forest and flower meadows

Total length: about 10 km

Walking time: about 3 hours

Elevation: +/-420 meters

Altitude: between 850 and 1’100 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: 262 Rochers de Naye

Best period: all year.

Difficulty : T3


Departure from the parking lot of the Tour Plein Ciel under Mont Pélerin. Follow the road to the top of Mont Pèlerin. The route leaves the road twice to cut straight and avoid the two hairpin bends. Once at the top of Mont Pèlerin follow Mont Cheseau to a place called “La Mollie” (elevation point 950 on the map). From this place, descend in the direction of Pré de Joux, Mivy for about 3 km until the fork in the Chemin du Pèlerin which you have to follow to the Maison du Pèlerin (EMS). Continue along a very steep winding path towards Mont Pèlerin (not the Mont Pèlerin Funicular). The route joins a road (elevation point 944) to be followed for approximately 200 meters. Leave the road uphill towards Chalet Volet (elevation point 1033). Continue straight on to the Buttiicaz chalet. From this place, follow a slight uphill path to the left to join the Mont Pèlerin road and the starting point.

Practical information

Easy hike with many wonderful views and some nice places to organize a picnic.

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