Alpage de Mase / Mont Noble




Location: Val d’Hérens, on the left bank of the Rhône above Sion and Mase

Description: hike that first follows the bisse de Tsa Crêta and passes through the very nice Alpage de Mase and ends by reaching the easy summit of Mont Noble

Total length: about 10 km

Walking time: about 5:30 hours

Elevation: +/- 1000 meters

Altitude: between 1631 and 2670 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: 273 T Montana

Best period: from May to October

Difficulty :


Getting there by public transport from Sion, the route begins in the village of Mase, following the signs for “Bisse de Tsa Crêta”. This variant lengthens the course and increases the elevation gain by 300 meters. Using a private vehicle, 600 meters after leaving the village of Mase, on the main road towards Suen, St Martin, take the junction with the indication “bisse de Tsa Crêta” and follow this road for 3 km until at the start of the Tsa Crêta bisse.


Follow the bisse for 1 km 6 until the La Louère and Alpage de la Louère junction and follow this direction uphill. In the first part of the climb, the route crosses an alp road twice. Always follow straight ahead and the signs “Alpage”. After about an hour of ascent there is a very small sign indicating the direction “Alpage de Mase, Gîte de la Louère” which you must follow. The path is not really visible because the route is sometimes erased by livestock grazing. The route joins a first hamlet that you have to cross to reach the Alpage de Mase. very nice place which offers board and lodging. After a break, the route follows the alpine road towards Mont Noble, L’Ar du Tsan for about 1.6 km until the junction “Col du Cou, Mont Noble”. Climb towards the pass and then the summit of Mont Noble. For the descent, go through “Têtes des Planards” and then follow Plan Tsalet, Nax, Pralovin, Vernamiège. After a 1.5 km descent to the 2050 altitude point, do not follow the signs for Nax, Pralovin, Vernamiège, but take the path due West which crosses the forest and follows the “Touring Track”. In Pralovin, follow the signs, snowshoe routes 3 and 2a and then always follow “Mase” to reach the starting point.

Useful information

Very nice hike with a beautiful unobstructed view of the Val d’Hérens and the Bernese Alps. Possibility of stopping to eat at the Gîte de la Louère, Alpage de Mase.

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