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Champs Fleuris / Mase (VS)

Location: Central Valais, on the left bank of the Rhone above Sion
Description: easy hike through beautiful flower meadows and a beautiful forest
Total length: about 6 km
Walking time: 2 to 3 hours
Positive difference in height: 270 meters
National hiking map 1: 50’000: Montana 273
Best period: May to October
Difficulty: T2


To walk this route we recommend to start village of Mase. At the height of the village church, go back towards the route along the sports facilities (located to the right of the church) which joins a road. Follow this road downhill to the hairpin. The route continues upstream of the hairpin by an uphill trail. After a few hundred meters the route reaches the forest. Follow this path always towards Vernamiège, Nax until the signpost “Champs Fleuris, Mase”. Located 200 meters before the village of Vernamiège.

Follow this uphill direction to join the « rue centrale” and continue to the hairpin in the middle of which starts a forest road. There are two options, follow either the oratory direction ND Fatima by the forest road or, continue on 300 meters on the paved road (direction Les Gouilles, Prarion) to the signpost “Les grands mélèzes” on the right of the road while going up and join also the oratory ND of Fatima by the forest. For this route option, at the 3rd panel « les plus vieux mélèzes” there is a fork. Follow straight south, do not go up on the left. From the chapel of N.D. de Fatima we must continue due south by climbing the forest road to join the road of Mayens. From the hairpin of the road, go down about fifty meters and just after the chalet downstream of the road, follow the path of “Pires-Grauche” and go down to the village of Mase. Along this descent do not follow the sign « sentier de Ligérette “.

After a few hundred meters of descent the route joins a road in a pin, the path continues below the hairpin towards the village of Mase.

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Along the route there are many places that allow the organization of a picnic with a magnificent view of the Val d’Hérens and the Bernese Alps. In the last climb, after Vernamiège you cross the oratory of Notre Dame de Fatima.