Location: Left bank of the Rhône above Loèche-les-Bains.

Description: Alpine trail T3-T4 with a start at 2315 m. Mineral scenery with a remarkable geology of the formation of the Alps. We could believe ourselves on another Earth…

Total length: 26 km-effort

Altitude: between 2207 and 2803 m

National excursion map 1:25,000: Gemmi 1267

Best period: July to September

Rating: XS


Reach the village of Loèche-les-Bains and take the facilities to the starting point and return to the Gemmi (2’613’636/1’1138’545/2340 m) by cable car. Note: pay attention to the cable car timetables which vary according to the seasons. Start in a light stride, downhill, towards the Daubensee on its left bank. Follow the climb towards the Rote Chumme pass and enjoy the splendid wild panorama that awaits your eyes. Reach point 2562 and turn off at 180° towards the south-west. The crossing of the torrent is easy as well as the climb towards the Chinbettipass. For the bravest, the summit is approx. 70 m above the pass but beware of the very overhanging ridge. People sensitive to emptiness, abstain. The flora is wonderful.


The descent takes the same path to the junction point marked at the bottom of the valley. The rest of the route is done without a precise itinerary but many cairns mark the way to the Rote Totz Lücke. The rest of the descent naturally follows the valley before joining the path that leads to the Lämmerhütte hut. We leave this dream place by a small path that winds its way north of the hut, on the edges of the ravine, along chains laid out in fixed ropes. The return to the Gemmi is quite naturally via the Lämmerenboden plain. This is the ideal dish for those who still have it under their paw.

Useful information: sticks are useful and orientation in fog can be difficult: be careful! Check the timetable of the facilities depending on the period.

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Public transport timetable (Sion – Loèche-les-Bains)