Col des Eaux Froides / Audannes Hut (VS)




Location: Lake Tseuzier, Dam Rawil, on the right bank of the Rhone from Sion.

Description: difficult trek with a crossing of « Lapiaz » to the lunar landscape and a descent by the spectacular Combe des Andins

Total length: about 15 km

Walking time: about 6 hours

Elevation: +1’100 meters / -1’100 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: 263 T Widstrubel and 273 T Montana

Best period: May to October (depending on the snow cover and the opening of the Tseuzierroad)

Difficulty : T3 +


From the dam wall, follow Lake Tseuzier on the right bank towards Lourantze. Follow lake Ténéhé, col des Eaux Froides and hut Audannes. The altitude difference is important until Lake Ténéhé. 200 meters before Lake Ténéhé the path branches off to the northwest towards the Col des Eaux Froides and Les Audannes hut. The route crosses an area of « Lapiaz ». There are some indications (red and white, pickets and cairns) but you have to be very careful not to leave the route to the Col des Eaux Froides. From the pass, join the hut of Les Audannes and to join the starting point to follow Les Rousses by the Combe des Andins.

Practical information

If you want to avoid crossing the tunnels on foot from Les Rousses towards Lake Tzeusier, take public transport.

Lake Ténéhé is a perfect place for a picnic. The crossing of the « Lapiaz » requires some attention not to get lost. The descent from the hut of Les Audannes by the Combe des Andins requires a secure foot. During this descent it is possible to follow the path of the Chemin de la Conduite which follows the northern foothills of the Pointe d’Hérémence, spectacular crossing but not recommended for people subject to vertigo (this route variant is often closed). From the Audannes hut it is also possible to go through La Selle and Pas de Maimbré (easier route than the Combe des Andins, but longer). For this route option from Pas de Maimbré follow Les Rousses. In summer, Lake Tseuzier is served by a postal bus service from mid-July to mid-August.

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