Snowshoes La Monta – Lac Bleu/

Superb winter snowshoe hike on the left bank of the Rhône, at the bottom of the Val d’Hérens near Arolla.

Location: Val d’Hérens, Arolla
Total length: about 8 km
Walking time: 3-4 hours walking
Elevation: +/- 484 meters
Altitude: between 1,797 and 2,097 meters
National excursion map 1:50,000: 283 Arolla
Best period: December to April
Difficulty: T3 – T4

Superb winter snowshoe hike on the left bank of the Rhône, at the bottom of the Val d’Hérens near Arolla. Easy to difficult snowshoe hike depending on snow conditions. It is possible to hike from La Gouille, Satarma or the Hôtel de la Tsa. By taking public transport from Sion, you can stop at a place called “Monta” in front of the Hôtel de la Tsa, the official start of the hike.

Take the downhill path that starts at the Hôtel de la Tsa and take the Monta footbridge on your right, 200 m after the start. If people are sensitive to vacuum, it is possible to bypass the footbridge by following the bottom track. After the footbridge, reach the Borgne d’Arolla alluvial deposits by a small 300 m forest path and continue on the snowshoe hiking route provided for this purpose along the cross-country ski trail. Continue towards the hamlet of Pramouss, cross it to point 1837 m before reaching La Gouille. Cross the group of houses and choose the steep climb towards the chalets of Ouartsé. Continue in the forest following the snowshoe hiking signs to the chalets at point 2080 before stopping at Lac Bleu 100 m further on.
The descent will be via the Roc de Satarma, along the summer path before reaching the hamlet of Satarma below. Continue crossing the cantonal road and taking the bridge over the Borgne d’Arolla. Follow the cross-country ski trail by the indicated snowshoe path and reach the starting point, the Hôtel de la Tsa.

Practical information
Very nice hike of medium difficulty depending on the conditions. Sumptuous landscapes at the foot of the Pigne, the Aiguille de la Tsa, the Dents de Veisivi. The picnic can be advantageously organized at Lac Bleu from where the view remains impregnable. This route can be done in both directions.

Special requirements
Please note: if the route presents no or few technical difficulties, it is possible that in bad weather conditions the path will be icy or completely snow-covered. Do not hesitate to take a companion or a guide in your approach. Leave only sure of your abilities.

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