Tour des Gastlosen / (FR)




Location: Canton of Fribourg, Jaun locality on the Jaunpass road.

Description: magnificent hike in the Fribourg Pre-Alps. Not recommended for people suffering from vertigo.

Total length: about 11 km

Walking time: approx.4 to 5 hours

Positive and negative difference in altitude: approximately 800 meters

National hiking map 1: 50,000: 253 Gantrisch

Best period: May to October

Difficulty: T3 +

From the village of Jaun, take the chairlift to join the start of the hike to Mauzes Bergle. From this place follow the direction « Chalet du Soldat” and “Wolfs Ort”, place said that you reach after a fairly steep and difficult climb from the « Chalet du Soldat”. After the descent of the pass, hiking continues to the cottage “Grat” along the southern slope of Gastlosen. From the cottage “Grat”, follow “Musersbergli, Soldatenhaus” by a downhill a bit painful and slippery. At the end of the downhill you arrive at the junction to go up on “Musersbergli” and reach the summit of the chairlift to return to the village of Jaun.

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Public transport Timetable Departure Bulle Arrival Jaun, Dorf

Useful information

The route is easier by starting on the northern slope of Gastlosen. Indeed, the passage of the “Wolfs Ort” is easier to climb than downhill. We strongly advise against this hike in rainy weather. Downhill trails are slippery, even in dry weather. Along the southern slope of the Gastlosen, you will have many opportunities to organize your picnic.

For the “aficionados” of the elevation gain, you can go up and down on foot instead of taking the chairlift.