Tour of Alpettes and Niremont / (FR)




Location: Semsales, canton of Fribourg

Description: beautiful hike in the Fribourg Pre-Alps with two pretty easy peaks.

Total length: about 15 km

Walking time: about 5 hours

Elevation: +/-800 meters

Altitude: between 900 and 1500 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: 252 Bulle et 262 Rochers de Naye

Best period: from april to november

Difficulty : T2


From Semsales train station, follow the Niremont road to the La Mortive river bridge. Cross the bridge and follow an uphill road on the right bank of La Mortive. Indication Les Alpettes, Bulle. After about 1 km climb, at altitude point 1065, follow a forest road to the left until Châble des Puits (altitude point 1321). Follow the tarmac road to the left towards Alpettes for 600 meters. At the height of the Alp (altitude point 1336), start the very short climb for Les Alpettes. Retrace your steps to Châble des Puits and follow a path through the forest and then a road towards Goillie au Cerf. Then follow Niremont. From the summit of Niremont, head across the alpine meadows towards Mollie Progin (no official path but many passages). From this place, descend towards altitude point1321 and Semsales by an alpine road. 250 meters after passing the alp (altitude point 1321), the route leaves the road by following a chalet in the direction of Notre Dame du Niremont and Semsales. 250 meters after Notre Dame du Niremont, the route leaves the road (bypassing the picnic table) and descends on Semsales by a pleasant path to reach the starting point.

Practical information

There are many parking spaces to the left and right after the La Mortive bridge. As you can get to La Goillie au Cerf by car, the section to the top of Niremont is very busy. There are relatively few hikers who do the loop. Either hikers go to Alpettes or Niremont and retrace their steps. So overall the route is fairly quiet. Numerous places for picnics and beautiful panoramas of Le Moléson, Gastlosen and Gruyère. From Niremont it is possible to reach altitude point 1321 directly, the route is more pleasant via Mollie Progin.

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