Mont de l’Arpille / (VS)




Location: Col de la Forclaz, above Martigny

Description: not very difficult hike, with a magnificent 360 ° panorama of the vandoises alps, Bernoises alps, Valais Alps and the Mont Blanc massif.

Total length: about 6.5 km

Walking time: approx. 3 hours

Positive and negative difference in altitude: about 500 meters

National hiking map 1: 50’000: St Maurice 272

Best period: April to November

Diffculty: T3

From the Forclaz pass, follow the path that starts on the left 50 meters before the summit of the pass on the slope of Martigny. After a few tens of meters of climb, you have the descriptive panel of the hike. After about 10 minutes of climb you arrive at a fork. On the left for the « gouille verte” on the right “Mont d’Arpille”. Both routes go to the top. From the left (West side) you will always be in the pleasant coolness of the forest. The official route goes right (East side). You will be much more in the sun and even in full sun for the last very steep slope ! If you are a little subject to vertigo, it is better to take the official route on the right (East side), because it is always easier to hike uphill when there are passages a little dizzy. Once at the summit, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent 360 ° panorama.

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Public Transport Timetable Departure Martigny Arrival col de la Forclaz

Practical information

There are many opportunities to organize a picnic at the top of Mont de l’Arpille. We find that the downhill path on the eastern side is more comfortable (contrary to the official itinerary).