Pointe du Six du Rodze/

Location: Right bank of the Rhône, Val d’Entremont after Martigny and before the Grand St Bernard pass.
Description: Trail with exceptional views of the surrounding peaks. A pleasant ascent in the forest before climbing the flanks of the coveted summit. The rocky summit can be reached by the ridge without major difficulties but it is a bit technical: be careful with the path in the scree and sticks can be useful.
Elevation gain: 1507 m
Distance: 16,6 km
Total length: 33 Km-effort
Altitude: between 1312 and 2762 m
National excursion map 1:25’000: Orsières 1345
Best period: July to September
Rating: XS


From the car park, go to point 1347 east of the church and follow the signs for the sentier des éperviers. This is the main indication for your ascent to Le Clou (pt 1732) and then towards Erra d’en Bas first, then Erra d’en Haut with their ruins marking the past and the courage of our ancestors. Then reach the col sous la Vouardette at pt 2452. The view is splendid with the Mille hut to the north. Follow the ridge that leads to the Pointe du Six Rodze and not the path that follows the slope in a north-easterly direction: the rest is complicated. The path passes by old fortifications and army observation posts. Continue to the cairn at the top, taking your last steps along a ridge that is quite sharp for those who are not used to it.
The descent is made by the same path to the Vouardette pass, still at point 2452. Then return to the valley by the path that points south-east and reach the Coeur. Slip through the buildings to join the white-red-white path below which crosses the Forêt de Morion to the Crêdedin. The path to Liddes is then well signposted and continues through the village as on the way up.

Useful information: You can park your car in front of the school building (coordinates: 2’580’166/1’093’647/1312m) at the entrance to the village of Liddes. Public transport also serves the area well. Do not forget your altimeter in case of fog.
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